Samsung Back On Top Of Smartphone Market

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung managed to reclaim top spot in the smartphone market in the last quarter, selling 83 million phones. It seems a revival in low and mid-range sales rescued the company's quarter, though sales were down from 89 million this time last year. Samsung's own financial call gave details of further falls in profits in its reporting quarter.

Market share fell significantly, as the market overall grew by more than 25% year on year. That growth came from Apple mainly, with Huawei and the vague 'others' group also showing significant gains.


Surprisingly, Lenovo and its US subsidiary, Motorola also struggled with a drop in year on year sales which has allowed rival Huawei to close in the battle for third place.


Samsung will no doubt be hoping that the arrival of its new S6 models will provide it with a boost when the current quarter's sales figures are tallied, three months from now.




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