Microsoft Windows Phone Sales Up Again

Microsoft's earnings call has revealed more progress for Windows Phone in terms of outright device sales, with 8.6 million Lumias finding home in the three months ended March 31. That's an 18% jump year on year, which would suggest that Windows Phone is outgrowing the market.

However, the small numbers involved mean that even a relatively healthy jump like this only equates to just under one and a half million extra sales.

On the downside revenue fell by 16%, which equates to a fall in average selling price of around 30%. So not a lot of high end Lumias going out of the door right now, plenty of low end handsets though.

Market share is a good thing to have, and the more Windows Phone users they are the more likely that developers will support them. I'm not entirely sure that sales of lots of entry level 435s and 530s are going to convince developers that there's a healthy use base to support.


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