Microsoft Surface Revenue Up 44%

Even before the arrival of the new, full fat Windows, entry-level Surface, Microsoft's tablet hybrid seems to be making progress in the marketplace, with last week's earnings call reporting an increase in revenue of 44% to $713m. Revenue isn't profit, but growing the former is important in that it indicates the build up of momentum behind the product.
That growth hasn't been achieved in an easy climate either, with both PC and Tablet markets shrinking year on year, Microsoft's performance looks even better, whichever category you place the Surface in.
When the new, cheaper and more relevant Surface 3 starts to bring numbers in I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft post some as impressive growth figures at its next reporting call.
However, lets not got carried away. The iPad was being panned in commentary on the Apple earnings call, with sales down 23% year on year. It still brought in close to $5.5bn in revenue in quarter though, so Microsoft have some way to go to catch up.