MIcrosoft Edge Browser Channelling Courier Spirit

Microsoft's new modern browser, Edge (formerly known as Project Spartan) introduces some new features that promise to make it less of a hated tool than Internet Explorer. The ability to use extensions and plugins from other browsers is novel. The promised integration with Cortana on the desktop exciting. But it's the inking feature that has me most intrigued.
For users with a touchscreen it will be possible to annotate webpages directly in the browser, annotations which will it will store in the cloud and place back in the page when you next visit. The annotations can also be shared with other users.
For those who remember the Courier concept which Microsoft floated a while back, this sounds all too familiar. In fact if integrated with OneNote and an enhanced version of the Windows Snipping tool you could indeed begin to replicate the Courier experience, shown below, on a Windows 10 touchscreen tablet.