LG G4: Android As She Should Be Wrote

Samsung's decision to start building iPhones that run Android left a wide open hole in the market for its biggest rival and, with what they showed in the G4 big reveal today I'm pretty sure that LG is planning on driving its bus straight through that hole.

At its heart Android is the OS for those who don't want to live exclusively in Apple's world, the tinkerers, the straightforward users who do calls, messages, a bit of photography and a little bit of life management. They have no interest in organising bike rallies or electro dance music bands. They certainly aren't looking to use their phones to create art school photos that being in a gallery.

No, if Android were a county it would be Yorkshire. And the Galaxy S6 is Cannes.

So LG launched the G4 today and in doing so offered a route forward for those Samsung owners who felt betrayed by the loss of replaceable batteries and expandable memory.

That's not to say the LG doesn't have any design kudos, it looks to be a fine phone, taking what was good about the G3 and adding interesting rear panel designs (metallic coated, ceramic, or premium quality leather), better colour handling to its already excellent QuadHD screen, improved camera performance and more accurate GPS locations.

Until it arrives its all a matter of conjecture, but my feeling right now is that LG has claimed the Android throne for its own with the G4.


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