Jay-Z Hits Back At Tidal Critics

Tidal has had a pretty rough first month, a ill-conceived celeb-focused launch, a rapid rise and fall through the app store popularity charts and lots of scepticism over the claimed musician friendliness of the service. Not to mention queries over its pricing model.

Jay-Z has started to respond to some of the criticisms via his Twitter account, asking for a little time to get the service embedded and claiming 770k paying subscribers on the service. That's a reasonable effort, but not game changing by any stretch of the imagination. 

I think most consumers of music through streaming services, as well as those who buy their music outright through online or physical stores, would be keen to support a service that demonstrably provided a better deal for musicians and cut the record companies out of the deal.

After all I never heard of anybody who was a fan of a record company, we are here for the artists.

If Jay-Z can demonstrate how Tidal really is a better deal for the musician, rather than an opportunity to squeeze some more zeros onto the end of the net worth figures of him and his superstar friends I'd be happy to switch my subscription dollars to Tidal.

Image: Jay-Z by i am guilty 


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