Home Solar Introduces New Issues With Popularity

Tesla's battery tech may be headed to your home next

Installing Solar Panels at your home as proved to be a cost efficient way of reducing your power bill. Especially as governments have promoted the micro-generation of excess power being sold back into the grid. In some areas this means that credits earned in the summer for generating power can more than offset the cost of buying power from the grid in the winter.

Great for the home-owner, not so good for the power companies, especially as the popularity of the solution grows.

In areas of high supply some districts report 50% of community power requirements are met by micro-generators. As that figure rises the power company needs to start backing off its own generation systems. The way that figure rises is interesting for the future of the power companies. As a household gains solar panelling its requirements for grid supplied energy fall off and the supply of micro-generated electricity rises. Eventually supply will outstrip demand and the power company will be required to either store the excess electricity using hydro-pumping stations, or dump it across the consumer load by raising the output voltage.

And there are a fixed number of pumping stations that can store that excess.

For the power company dumping the power will be a net loss as its required to buy the solar power from consumers at a fixed rate. With no net consumption and power being dumped it's making a loss. The only way to recover that loss is to raise prices in the winter months. Or stop buying the energy from micro-generators.

Until such time as Solar Panel systems are supplied with micro-storage systems to store the power against future demand the power companies, it's customers and governments will be in conflict.

Whether that proves to be Tesla's home battery pack or some form of flywheel system remains to be seen. Whatever it is, when it arrives it will be game changing for consumers and suppliers in areas ripe for the exploitation of solar energy.



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