Did Nokia Let Slip Smartphone Plans?

Just a day after denying that it was working on a smartphone of any type, Nokia managed to mix up its messages and 'confirm' that it was in a response to a query on its Facebook page.
Most likely this is the result of a mistake by the person responsible for the social media strategy at Nokia. Whilst it may be working on its future smartphone strategy it certainly shouldn't be talking about it, at least until the constraints placed upon it by the sake of its handset division to Microsoft have expired.
It seems an absolute sure bet that Nokia will be working on bringing its name back to the smartphone world as soon as it can. I think the only question is: how will it do this? I'm still betting a haphazard strategy of licensing deals will be the way they choose to go. Individual devices may well be strong (and the N1 tablet certainly looks to be) but there may be a lack of coherence across the range of devices.