Dear Alfa Romeo, Please Give Us A Slower 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a phenomenal achievement, weighing less than 900kg and packing more than 230bhp, it's an Alfa Romeo that mixes it with Porsche and Lotus.

But is this the best version of the 4C Alfa Romeo could give us?

I'd really like to see Alfa Romeo swap out the 1800cc turbo charged engine from the Giulietta QV for the smaller 1400cc 170bhp engine from the standard Giulietta, or, even better, a normally aspirated version of the 1800cc engine producing around 145bhp (a figure the inline four cylinder has produced in previous Alfas).

Why would I want a slower 4C?

Firstly because it would provide more accessible fun. As it stands the 4C is only a driver's car at dangerously high speeds. It's an accusation that could be aimed at pretty much any car with sporting pretensions on the market today. Reducing the amount of horsepower, lowering the weight and as a result requiring less aggressive tyre and suspension setups would make it a much better car to use on public roads. Economy would improve as a side benefit.

Secondly it would reduce the price. The Giulietta is £10,000 cheaper with the smaller engine. Passing that saving on would make the 4C an option for more buyers. Alternatively if increasing production is impossible, passing on a part of that saving would improve Alfa's profit per car.

Whilst others chase glory by putting insane amounts of power into their cars (impressing nobody but the rock apes who will undoubtedly lack the skill to unlock their capabilities) Alfa Romeo should be ploughing a different path.

The 4C is one of the few pure driver's cars on the market today. Conversely by offering a slower version Alfa Romeo could make it even better.



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