Build: Lots Of Good News For Windows Fans

Lots of exciting news coming out of Microsoft's Build '15 conference today as the company prepares the world for the release of Windows 10 later this year. 

Talking points include new desktop capability for phones, a first glimpse at Edge the replacement for Internet Explorer, new migration capability for iOS and Android developers looking to bring their apps to Windows 10 and a new consolidated Store supporting both modern and traditional apps.

The latest release of Windows 10 was also released to testers as well, featuring an updated version of Cortana, with improved links into your applications and information.

For me the most interesting new information concerns Windows Phone's Continuum feature, which potentially makes your phone the single source of computing power for all your needs. It practically guarantees a USB-C connection on Microsoft's next flagship Lumia, as it leverages an external screen, keyboard and mouse to turn your phone into a desktop computer. The interface and universal applications will automatically reconfigure to support the new control method when you plug in and revert back to the phone/tablet interface when disconnected. The only logical way of doing this would be to utilise the new capabilities of USB-C to make this a single point connection.

If the improved migration of apps from other platforms proves to be as easy as it appears then it may be enough to push developers to make their apps Windows compatible. The promise of a one billion Windows 10 user base within three years should be all the incentive they need.

There's obviously much more to come out of Build, but it's probably fair to say Microsoft has had a good first day.


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