Apple Watch Reviews Are In

The Apple Watch isn't due to arrive in customer's hands for a few weeks yet, but reviewers have been getting their hands on them and the first reviews are out.
The reviews have been mostly positive with some hints at reservations - performance issues and battery life for example - which seem to be getting an easy time in the reviews I've read.

So the question is have those who received early review equipment have felt compelled to put a positive spin on possible shortcomings out of fear of the denial of that privilege for future products?

Putting that to one side the reviews all suggest that Apple have done a better job of building a smart watch than most, if not all, of its competitors. The consensus is also that whilst this might not be a product you need, it will be a product that you desire.

I'll be sticking with my plan to avoid the Apple Watch for now. Past experience suggests that like the first iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch is going to be more about the hype than the capability. The iPhone 3G and iPad 2 were the first devices from those product families that were functionally capable enough to recommend purchasing.

For that reason the Apple Watch 2 is the one that's on my radar.



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