Apple Watch Has 3,000 Apps, But Are They Useful

The iPhone 3G launched with under one thousand apps back in 2008, the first time that Apple had allowed the new phone to install apps. With the app store button now live in the Apple Watch app we can see that the Watch app catalogue is going to be an awful lot healthier at launch, some reports claim 3,000 apps.

Are they going to be useful though?

For example, the Procreate drawing app has an Apple Watch app. Why? It's a drawing app for your phone, what possible need could there be to use your watch to interact with it? Similarly games like Real Racing 3 and FIFA 15 just don't seem to need the watch-based dashboard as presented.

On the other hand there are apps like Do, Wunderlist, Evernote and Gogobot that really do seem to make best use of the Watch's glance based interface.

Clearly there is going to be a period where the gold rush mentality prevails and every man and his dog will be pushing Watch apps at the store.

Hopefully we'll see that settle down and start to get considered apps populating the store just in time for the Watch refresh next year.


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