Apple Taking Back The Smartphone Market One Quarter At A Time

When Apple released its record breaking earnings report last quarter I predicted more of the same to come when this quarter's report was released.

Whilst my estimate of 63 million iPhones was a touch high, Apple achieved all that was hoped for. Its second biggest quarter in history, improved average sales prices for the 61 million iPhones it did sell and year on year growth of 40% and 10% for iPhone and Mac respectively.

The only downside remains the weakness of the iPad - a 23% decline on sales compared to the same quarter last year. It really does seem as if the iPad has turned into a dead end street. Perhaps a bit of love in the next update can reverse that trend.

So why was Apple's Q2 result so good? The growing importance of China for the company. Unlike the western world, where the holiday season and gift-giving times fall in December, Chinese tradition is for gifts to be made at New Year. Which falls in Apple's Q2. The extent of the importance of China can be seen by the fact that Q2 2015 sales outstripped Q1 sales for 2014, something that was inconceivable when Apple announced record results for that period.

It seems incredibly unlikely that Samsung will have managed to ship 60 million phones in the same period, giving Apple a clear lead in the smartphone market once more.

In Q3 I'm expecting that gap to widen, because good as the S6 reception has been, the sales momentum is from Samsung to Apple, from Android to iOS. And that can only mean a record Q3 in Apple's next earnings call.


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