Android's New Handwriting Input Panel Rocks

One of the things that I miss about Windows Mobile is the way that it offered so many ways to get text into a device, my own personal favourite being Transcriber. This turned the whole screen into a recognition pad for handwritten input. 

Since the iPhone-led switch to capacitive screens, input by stylus has become something of a niche thing. Only the Galaxy Note offers true sylus input and the handwriting recognition works okay, but not at the level that Microsoft achieved with Transcriber. 

Now Googe has joined the party, adding a handwriting input panel to Android.

I tried the new panel on my Xperia Z3 Compact using capacitive stylii and the results were very impressive.

Recognition quality and speed are really quite impressive, whether you write quickly and have whole sentences recognised at once, a write quite slowly and have one character recognised at a time.

Once you have gotten the hang of writing on glass - not something that I had a problem with having done it on dozens of devices over a number years - you'll find that the Google Handwriting panel is a worthy competitor for continuous typing keyboards - like Swype - and word suggestion keyboards.

Android owners can download from the Google Play store now.


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