Amazon And DHL To Deliver Orders To Your Car

Amazon really wants to remove any obstruction that could prevent you ordering things online. As a result it has been working to take the pain out of delivery for a while, with its Prime service being the main thrust in reducing this friction point, reducing cost and improving delivery times.

For Prime users in Germany things are about to get a lot more interesting though, because the company has announced a tie up with DHL that will allow it to deliver your purchases into the boot of your car, wherever it may be.

Initially the service will be piloted in Munich and support drivers of Audis only. (A brave move in the heartland of BMW!) Customers will have to give DHL permission to track their vehicles location and, for the pilot at least, have some additional hardware installed into their car to allow DHL one-time access to their boot.

Amazon Prime EU head Michael Paschz described the service as "a delivery location that is always available and convenient". Which is certainly true, as long as you haven't parked in a secure location.

I'm sure insurance companies will be scrutinising this very carefully, because there are obvious theft and damage risks which will need to be factored into their policies if this takes off.

Nonetheless, this looks like an excellent move for Amazon and a bit of a bonus for Prime subscribers. If it works as well in practise as theory (and to be honest I see no reason why it shouldn't) then expect to see Amazon further strengthen its position in consumer purchasing.


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