Zinio On An iPad Points To The Death Of Print

There are other magazine reading apps, there are digital editions of some titles which pack in large amounts of multimedia content to make best use of the medium. That rather gets away from the object of having a magazine, which is to disconnect from the rampant activity of the internet world and immerse yourself in the written word in a long-form factor.

For that Zinio is peerless, offering a wide selection of magazine, as well as integrating with lending libraries around the world to offer more choice. And the best magazine reading experience is definitely found on the iPad Air 2. The resolution of the screen, its great colour reproduction and amazing weight mean that its more comfortable to read and lighter to hold whilst you do, then either a traditional print magazine or one of its Windows or Android rivals.

Print is a messy, resource and finance consuming effort; whereas bringing a magazine to the Zinio store is quick, easy, cheap and delivers ads in the same way as its print sister. For customers, having one device that can hold a whole library of magazines without ever growing more unwieldy and difficult to store is a massive win.

Everyone's a winner, even the trees. And print just can't compete.


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