The Spectre Of A Sell-out, Bond Movie Ditches Integrity

The name's Bond... James Bond. Or as one tea advert had it many years ago, 'the name's Bond, Brooke Bond'. Suddenly that line doesn't sound quite so far-fetched after Sony Pictures leaks revealed a product placement deal for Mexico. As in the country.

Let's be clear, the James Bond movies practically invented the idea of product placement, Bond's cars, watches, clothes and phones are all there as the result of some serious negotiation between filmmakers and interested manufacturers looking for a credibility boost by association with the world's number one action hero.

However the level of placement has never gone quite this far before. Sony have allowed interference with the script, locations and even the cast in an effort to portray Mexico in a more positive light.

The reputed pay-off from the Mexican government is $20m, and we also know that Sony Mobile is in the hole to the tune of at least $23m to the filmmaker (and another $5m to Daniel Craig) for the use of the Xperia Z4 in the film. Have there been changes made at the behest of the phone maker, not to mention car supplier, wardrobe supplier and anybody else who has a product in the film.

Maybe the next Bond film will turn out to be an epic rewrite of the Generation Game, with authorised products rolling across the conveyor belt and Bruce Forsyth as the villain demanding that Bond remember them all.