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The £50 Windows Tablet

Thinking about buying a small screened tablet, but struggling to fund it? Neowin has found an offer that might just make your day.

For £50 - if you use the coupon detailed on Neowin's page you can get yourself the HP Stream 7 tablet, which has pretty reasonable specs and is certainly better value than any Android tablet even close to this price point. The offer is on the Microsoft UK store page and - believe it or not - includes a year-long subscription to Office 365. That makes the net price of the tablet less than zero.

The problem is that a 7" tablet isn't very much bigger than common phones today, and the extra investment in funding an 8" tablet is well worth it - if you can run to the extra pennies of course.

Windows 8 is surprisingly good on these smaller tablets - and whilst Android has more tablet friendly apps, Android tablets at this price point are usually woefully underpowered and lag. The Atom processor in the Stream 7 shouldn't have any problems with Windows 8, although having just 1GB of RAM may limit your ability to multitask. The version on sale here is the Signature edition, which means no bloatware comes installed, so performance should still be brisk.

Still with Office 365 (and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage) you can't really go wrong with a tablet for less than the price of a round of drinks.