Tesla To End Range Anxiety... I'm Not So Sure

The success of Elon Musk's Tesla car company has been unprecedented, however the company's approach to all electric vehicles has had one weak link, charging. It can't physically build enough Supercharger stations to end range anxiety, and its battery range, whilst class leading doesn't afford customers 100% peace of mind either,.

Elon Musk will be holding a press conference this week, where he promises to end range anxiety via an Over The Air software update to Tesla cars currently on the road. Really? Because adding another 30 or 40 or even 50 miles to the Tesla car's range is only going to postpone the onset of range anxiety not remove it.

The answer is not more charging stations and only partially better software, rather a radical review of how we consider refuelling all electric vehicles is required. This needs to be as easy and as straightforward as refuelling a petrol car. Plugging in and waiting around isn't going to cut it for the majority of motorists.

If Apple does go ahead with its electric vehicle I hope that it will take a different approach, because potentially an Apple EV, with the right backup infrastructure makes Apple more money than it has ever achieved before. And only Apple could do it, given the capital cost of building that infrastructure.

There's a reason why Exxon is the second most valuable company in the world...


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