Tesla Announces Range Assurance, Does Nothing To End Range Anxiety

Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised an end to range anxiety, and offered up a less than compelling vision of how that could be achieved today.

The new software update for Tesla cars uses a database of Supercharger points, the car's current charge state and the GPS system to work out if you're about to drive too far away from a Supercharger to make it back again.

Musk says its now impossible to run out of charge in a Tesla 'unintentionally'.

That doesn't end range anxiety. What it does is turn it into range finality. Knowing that you have to make a journey but having the car tell you that you haven't got the juice to make it there and back.

I imagine that if you were to continue your journey, ignoring the cars warnings, it will eventually enable HAL9000 mode, with the car singing its way to oblivion.


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