Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: Windows 10 To Replace Android On Your Phone

Microsoft announced a summer release date for its Windows 10 family of products today. However ti also announced probably its most radical plan to boost Windows Phone adoption: Windows 10 will install over Android as a replacement ROM.

Actually its just a trial that Microsoft is running with Xiaomi, allowing users of the Mi4 handset to replace the company's ASOP based Google-free Android ROM with a Windows 10 ROM instead, converting the handset from Android to Windows 10 Phone in one easy step. The suggestion is that Microsoft will be working with other partners to offer this option on other phones in the future too.

Given the issues with running a Windows Phone, all related to the absence of key software from its app store, its unlikely that Google will be losing too much sleep over this move. Even if those who switch are immediately enamoured with Microsoft's new UI, those missing apps will ensure that most, if not all, will be back with the little green robot sooner or later.

What could make things rather more interesting is what happens once the talented dev at XDA-Developers get their hands on the Windows Phone ROMs.

How long before we see phones that are, unofficially at least, capable of dual booting both Android and WP10?


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