Galaxy S6 Has The Best Smartphone Display

DisplayMate has been quick off the mark in performing its incredibly through and fact based tested of the Galaxy S6 QuadHD displays and the results are in. Samsung has topped its previous best, the Galaxy Note 4, and the GS6 scores even higher across almost all the tests that DisplayMate undertook.

The result is that Samsung now holds a clean sweep of the top rated displays in smartphones, with the GS6 getting that coveted number one spot.

To be truthful, anyone with a decent set of eyes in their head will agree that Samsung's SAMOLED displays are peerless, and this just confirms that with the backing of scientific investigation. 

The industry progress in pixel density has to be mentioned as well. Just five years on from the introduction of the iPhone 4 and its 300ppi Retina Display the GS6 sports an eye-popping 577ppi.


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