Flipboard Sets The Early Pace For Most Pointless Apple Watch App

If there's one app that really doesn't belong on your wrist it's Flipboard. Here's a news reader which cries out for screen inches and the more you give it the better it works. On an Apple Watch it makes no sense at all.

Don't get me wrong, an app that allows you to set alerts for certain types of breaking news could prove to be useful, but that isn't what most people use Flipboard for. In fact its own pivot to user collated magazines suggests it knows that very well. 

Flipboard is the sort of app that you sit down with a coffee and half an hour to spare and read articles of greater length and depth than the bitesize pieces you would grab from a news site. That's not a good fit with alerts on the Apple Watch.

This looks like an early indicator for developer fear. If the Apple Watch changes the way that we consume their products and make the smartphone secondary developers, run the risk of finding themselves irrelevant. The answer to that is not to try and take your existing model to the wrist.

Flipboard is one of the apps that gets installed onto every device I own, it's a great reading tool for when you don't want to immerse yourself in a book but also don't want to browse aimlessly through the web. There's little danger that the arrival of smart watches will change that.

A bad smart watch app might do though.


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