F1: Australian Grand Prix Was A Farce

If you want a better illustration of F1's descent into ridicule this weekend's Australian Grand Prix was it. It had very little of anything. Excitement, overtaking, strategy? Not really.

How bad was it? Jalopnik called it a 'bit of a turd', Red Bull boss Christian Horner said 'it's not interesting watching a procession' and Autoblog noted that '90% of the action... had nothing to do with cars setting timed laps'.

Barring the 2005 Indianapolis Grand Prix and 1982 San Marino Grand Prix, both affected by political factors, the fifteen starters marked the lowest number in 42 years. And those that started were dropping out like flies.

Eleven cars made it to the finish, if you include Jensen Button's McLaren-Honda, which was so performance limited he'd have finished earlier in the Civic hire car he drove to the circuit.

The most exciting part of the race was guessing who was going to drop out next. Lewis Hamilton's seventh straight flag to flag victory was so predictable that even the TV cameras didn't bother tracking the two Mercedes cars around.

The only question remaining is: can anyone stop a clean sweep this year?


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