Apple Will Kill Headphone Sockets Next

When Apple introduced the iMac in 1998 it did something amazing. It took all those ports that were commonly found on the back of computers - including its own proprietary connections - and binned them for a new, emerging industry standard.

For anyone who wasn't around at the time its hard to describe the effect that this had. Apple was dead in the water, nobody produced accessories that could be used with it, barring a few very expensive Apple specialists. 

Overnight Apple changed that. USB was not platform dependent and accessory makers gobbled it up. It was a double win for Apple too, as Windows had no baked in support for USB until Windows 98 Second Edition was released, and even then it was hit and miss up until the release of Windows XP.

Nearly two decades on Apple did the same thing with the MacBook this week. MagSafe? Thunderbolt? USB? All gone. And all on their way to becoming history, in the same way that parallel and serial ports have disappeared.

USB-C is here and it does everything. And Apple is going to take that and run with it, making thinner,  more streamlined devices.

Earlier in the week I suggested that Lightning will be replaced by USB-C on the next iPad. 

Now I'm going to suggest that the headphone socket is an endangered species too. USB-C supports full digital audio input and output, so why not dump the headphone socket and pump everything out of the USB-C port? It makes the iPad or iPhone much less complex to do so.

So take a look at your headphones, because the 3.5mm jack might be destined for the history books too.


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