Apple Can't Do Updates: iOS 8.2 Problems With Car Integration

Apple's upgrades currently seem to have all the quality control of a ropey Russian import.

If you've upgraded your iPhone to iOS 8.2 and use it as a music source over USB in your car, you've probably discovered that it doesn't work properly any more. Some users are reporting that functionality is completely broken, others have lost autoplay and others have lost the use of steering wheel controls.

Apple support forums are directing users to this page on car stereo integration, but it isn't helpful for those users who have lost functionality as a result of the upgrade.

It's also impossible to downgrade back to iOS 8.1.3, as Apple has stopped signing the necessary files. So unfortunately iPhone users are stuck until Apple releases a fix.

Apple really does seem to be struggling with quality control at the moment, with the number of upgrades being released with fundamental issues being far out of sync with the number devices supported.

Neither Google nor Microsoft would get the free pass that Apple seems to get when shonky updates get released.


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