Amazon Springs The Cloud Trap: Unlimited Storage For $5

As the number of devices we use grows finding a simple, effective way of maintaining documents across all devices has become more and more important. The rise of cloud services in the last five years has been the answer to this problem, even if could services have proven to be less than reliable, not always secure and somewhat expensive at scale.

Whilst the first two problems are probably never going to be resolved completely, the third has been less of a challenge, if you're prepared to be flexible.

With so many providers offering free storage in attempt to persuade you to invest in more cloud space, it has always been possible to keep all your data in the cloud by being flexible. Flickr offers 1TB of space for photos, Microsoft and Google offer 15GB free each, Apple gives you 5GB and Box and Dropbox offer you up to 50GB if you time your sign-up right. That's without considering a number of smaller services who offer more to make up for their lack of name recognition, or OEMs who frequently offer a bundled storage freebie to tempt you to buy.

Be careful about what you put where and you'll never pay a cent for putting your files up in the cloud.

If that sounds like a lot of effort to save a few bucks Amazon might just have the answer for you. For $60 a year Amazon Cloud Drive now gets you unlimited storage. Its a great price that promises to change the way that clouds work forever. Install the Cloud Storage client on your PC or Android phone and you really are off and running. iOS users will only be able to backup photos and videos for now, no word on whether a full client is coming.

Free cloud storage is useful, but by reducing effort and increasing peace of mind, I'd say that Amazon has an offering that is easily worth the $60 it's asking for the service.


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