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Showing posts from December 21, 2014

F1: Lotus Offered Alonso 2015 Drive

Once it became clear that Fernando Alonso was leaving Ferrari there was plenty of speculation about where he might end up. It's abundantly clear that his first preference would have been to secure a drive at Mercedes, given that the team had built an all-conquering engine and car package.

Once it became clear that neither Hamilton nor Rosberg were going to make a convenient Alonso sized hole in the team by moving on, and there was no chance of teams being forced to run a third car, the pieces of the puzzle fell towards Mclaren and Honda, who might potentially have the surprise package of 2015.

However it turns out that Alonso had at least one other serious offer, and one the is possibly more promising than that of the Mclaren team - in the short term at least. Gerard Lopez, team owner of Lotus, has revealed that he made the double-World Champion an offer to drive for the team in 2015. This is the team with whom Alonso secured both of his World Titles, even if it has gone through …

Sony Going For Universal Unpopularity

One of the upshots of the whole Sony hacking incident has been the release of some very unpleasant information about the way that Sony Pictures goes about its business. Aside from some information which suggests that the company engages in discriminatory business practices and has senior management with serious racism issues; we`ve also learnt that it has engaged in a clandestine war on Google in association with its partners in the MPA.

With this information out in the open you`d think Sony Pictures would be keeping its collective head down. Instead it appears the company is after destroying any shred of sympathy it might have gained from being the victim of a politically motivated hack.

First it threatened media outlets who reported information leaked by the hackers, and following that up with threats against Twitter, demanding closure of accounts retweeting information disclosed by the hackers and specifically against one particular twitter user, Val Broeksmit. Broeksmit`s crime, …