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OneNote Parody Video - LMFAO

I know there are some of you out there that will hate this video, however as well as being a pretty funny parody of LMFAO it also makes for a pretty good advert for the combined talents of the Surface Pro and OneNote.

The Microsoft engineers who put this together obviously had a good time making it and if it focuses more on being funny than demonstrating the products I think we can forgive them that...

F1: Mercedes Hungary Team Orders Call A Big Mistake

In developing the fastest package fpr the 2014 season, Mercedes gave themselves the nicest problem a race team could have - ensuring that their drivers played nicely in the battle for the driver's and constructor's Wordl Titles.

Thus far the team seem to have done okay - barring the misadventures of Monaco qualifying and the few technical problems they have experienced, it's been clean sweep all season long.

In Hungary though, a combination of safety cars and weather contrived to cost them the race, but also to once more sow discord into the harmonious team environment.

And it was all their own fault.

At two-thirds distance Lewis Hamilton was told not to hold up team-mate Nico Rosberg - on the quicker option tyre - and he politely declined. We're told that the team made the call off it's own back and Rosberg didn't ask to be let by initially. Having then been told that Hamilton was going to let him through Rosberg was left fuming when he didn't.

This was a…

OnePlus One Review - Something Kind of Different

OnePlus has generated a fair bit of buzz with its new handset, for several different reasons. Having had a chance to try one hands-on I can tell you that the buzz is warranted. This is a great phone. For the price I'd even go as far as saying it's an amazing phone. Not perfect, but as close as you can get right now.

The first thing that you'll notice when picking up the OnePlus One is that despite having a 5.5" screen it feels neither heavy nor unwieldy. The materials feel more premium than any mid-range phone has a right to feel and the balance in the hand is excellent. There's no way this is a one-handed phone - but if you're after screen real-estate on this scale that shouldn't be a surprise to you.

What a screen it is though. A 1080p IPS panel, the colours are excellent and screen elements are as sharp as anything at this resolution. I'd say that the panel on the HTC One M8 is a hair better, but that's about all that's in it.

The screen ha…

RIP James Garner 1966 F1 World Champion!

You might remember James Garner as Maverick or perhaps Jim Rockford, but for me it will always be his role as Pete Aron in John Frankenheimer's 1996 Grand Prix film that will stand-out.

If you have an interest in cars and haven't seen it then seek out the DVD  it's the best tenner you'll ever spend...

iPad Sales Down - Not Surprising Really

Apple's financial report made pretty good reading if you're a shareholder, employee or loyal customer. Overall sales grew by more than 5% and profit by nearly 12% compared with this time last year. That's pretty impressive for a quarter with no new hardware releases.

However, there was one downside, a 9% drop in iPad sales, which has been picked up on and offered as evidence of Apple being in trouble at a number of sites.

That's very far from the truth. Here's why.

The iPad is an exceedingly popular tablet, to the point where even after a year of being outsold by Android tablets it's still the most popular tablet in use today.

It's getting a bit long in the tooth though. Since the iPad 3 replaced the iPad 2 there hasn't really been a compelling reason to upgrade if you have an older iPad. Similarly with the iPad Mini, the arrival of a Retina Display didn't really give existing users a driver to update.

Unlike smartphones, there's no contract dr…