Why Have iPhone Owners Stopped Upgrading?

Apple has been unusually quiet about the adoption rate for iOS 8. On the 21st September it was reporting that 46% of it's users were using the new operating system. More than two weeks later that number has raced up to... 47%. That's poor - especially when you know that iOS 7 had reached closer to 75% penetration at this time last year.

Why is this the case? Could the issues that early upgraders faced scared others off? Is it because the iPhone 4S - which has been reported to perform poorly under the new version putting off upgraders - and earlier incompatible iPhones make up a larger percentage of the iOS community than first thought?

Either way it's hardly a terrible position for Apple to be in - KitKat is currently only used by 25% of the Android community. Interestingly though, that 47% of the iOS community of 400m (188m) is substantially less than the 25% of the Android community of 1bn (250m).

So there are more smartphones running the latest version of Android than iPhones running the latest version of iOS.


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