Vaio Going After The High End

Although you can still buy Sony Vaios, now that the company is no longer part of Sony it's getting ready to branch out on its own, with new machines that don't owe anything to the Japanese giant's influence.

The Vaio website has details of it's first prototype and if they follow through on the design and specs this signals something of a step forward into the high end market. The specs look pretty impressive with the focus on a large-screen hybrid - the specs point to a 12.3" display at 250dpi - and talks of support for the Adobe RGB Gamut.

In fact there's an awful lot of references to creativity and creative types on the Vaio webpage introducing the hybrid. Cartoonists, illustrators and photographers are among those who get special mentions.

Which suggests that rather than try and compete with every man and his dog for the high volume low margin sales, Vaio intends to go after Apple's higher end market share. The arrival of the new Vaio at Adobe's Max this week (an event where Microsoft gave away Surface 3's to attendees) shows that Apple could face some competition for the premium laptop market as other companies target those cash rich buyers in the future.

Fortunately for Apple, loyalty is strong, which is going to make Vaio's (and others who hope to play in this niche) task very difficult indeed.


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