The First Smatchwatch You Might Actually Wear

This is the LG G Watch R. Clunky name, anything but clunky watch. Nothing else that has been announced before has had the wrist-appeal of this device and LG could be onto a real winner here.

The GWR features a true round screen (unlike the Moto 360 which has a punctured tyre motif, thanks to its 'chin') and looks like... a watch. In fact until you start doing smartwatch type things on it people around you will be unlikely to even notice it.

That's a big plus point for me. As are the two day battery life (as tested by TechRadar) and the always on watch face - a benefit of the OLED screen.

In all respects this looks like the smartwatch to beat. From the first round of Android Wear releases anyway.

There have been rumours that Google would like to make Android Wear compatible with iOS. It would certainly be interesting to see how many customers would take the GWR over the Apple Watch, which for all its hype promises to have disappointing battery life and doesn't have anything approaching the design of the GWR. Somehow I think that Apple will prevent this from happening though.


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