Tablet Market Still Growing As iPad Sales Slow

The iPad used to be the tablet market, but it looks like that star has passed. Last week we heard how Apple's sales of it's various iPad range had tanked by nearly 13% year on year; and today we have another market report, this time from IDC, showing that the overall tablet market had grown by 11%. Most of that growth has come in the US, where year on year sales are up by more than 18% - and the big winner has been Samsung, whose global sales are up by 6% and is now selling almost as many Galaxy tablets as Apple sells iPads.

Apple has traditionally eschewed market share for profits, but seeing sales fall in a growing market is much more worrying than, for example, the smartphone market where the iPhone is losing market share but increasing sales.

Samsung will be looking over their shoulders at both Asus - whose growth was driven by sales of Windows tablets, a market that Samsung has all but abandoned - and RCA, whose near doubling of sales in the bargain basement promises the same assault on Samsung's volume as it is seeing in the smartphone market.

The IDC market report can be found here.


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