Smartphone Market Share Still Tipping Android's Way

Kantar WorldPanel has released its sales numbers for the third quarter of 2014 - and the news continues to be excellent for Google, so-so for Apple and disappointing for Microsoft.

Apple's release of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus produced a bump in sales for those markets where it was available, yet in every one of those countries (except Spain) Android grew faster and added more sales.

In the US and Japan Apple's year on year market share fell by 3.3% and 15.9% respectively. I have to assume that in both countries this was as a result of constrained supply, combined with an explosion in the number of smartphones sold (up 35% in the US).

For Google the news was as good as it could get. Excluding China (where growth was enormous, but probably relates to AOSP phones rather than Android with Google phones) Android market share now stands at better than 70% in every market measured bar the USA (62%), GB and Australia (58% in each).

For Microsoft, Windows Phone market share was down everywhere bar Italy - despite recording record numbers of device sales, the third mobile platform was unable to match growth in smartphone sales as a whole.

Apple's big sales quarter is the year end one and with the huge number of pre-orders reported for China - which won't show until the next financial reports are in - I'm expecting Apple to post record iPhone sales and a significant bounce back in market share.


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