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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Gapgate, Design or Poor Manufacuring?

Is the business card holder a feature of the Note 4?
Have a look at the front of your smartphone. Particularly where the screen meets the shell of your device. Notice anything? If it's like the iPhone 5 currently sat on my desk you'll probably not even realise there's a join there.

Korean customers who helped the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sellout at its early launch have found that the new phablet might not have quite such a seamless experience. As you can see from the photo, there appears to be a significant gap between screen and frame.

Given that there are just a few examples of this being discussed at the moment you might pass it off as a manufacturing problem with a few early units. But like the nine bending iPhone 6 Plus devices they are symptomatic of a bigger problem.

Android Central are reporting that the Samsung user guide mentions the gap between screen and frame as a 'necessary manufacturing feature' and that it also notes that the gap may 'expand slightly' over time.

That doesn't sound particularly reassuring on a top end device.

We know that the Note 4 will have the best display that you can get on a smartphone, but if it comes at the cost of a dust trap around the screen, it's likely to affect buyers decisions.

I'll reserve judgement until the Note 4 lands here later this month, but I suspect Samsung has some work to do on improving its message.