New iPad Screens Slammed, Samsung Galaxy Tab S Still Tops

If you're after a tablet one of these is probably
your best option.
The great thing about DisplayMate's screen testing is that it is completely quantative, there is no emotion or objectivity involved, it's all about numbers, testing display parameters and rating displays based on the observed results.

Last month the iPhone 6/6 Plus failed to knock Samsung off the top of the perch when DisplayMate tested them - the Note 4 and Galaxy S5 were rated superior to the new iPhones.

Now the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 have received the DisplayMate treatment and the results look very bad for Apple.

The iPad Air 2 was praised for its new anti-reflection coating, but otherwise it was a disappointment - DisplayMate rated it lower than Amazon, Google and Microsoft tablets and it was nowhere near as capable as the class leading Galaxy Tab S. In fact other than the anti-reflective coating the iPad Air 2's screen was rated behind the original iPad Air as well.

If the results for the iPad Air 2 were disappointing, those for the iPad Mini 3 were disgraceful for a premium priced tablet. DisplayMate called it a 'Major Disappointment' with a display that is 'washed out, under saturated and (has) distorted colours'. It summed up the iPad Mini 3 as 'embarrassingly mediocre and way overpriced'


Right now I really can't see any valid reason for buying an iPad. And in a market where Apple's market share and actual sales numbers are falling that can't be good news.

You can find the full report at DisplayMate here.


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