LG Builds A Smartwatch You Might Want To Wear

Every smartwatch that we've seen so far has been a fail in the 'looking good enough to wear' component. The only exclusions have been some of the more smartband style watches (like the Gear Fit) and the less ambitious Pebble Steel.

LG looks to have changed that, with a true smartwatch that looks as good as a 'real' watch and still offers all of the potential benefits of a smartwatch. The R3 fixes the Moto 360's flat tyre, not quite round display, by pushing the controllers under a wide bezel - no info on whether it rotates at this stage - and that allows for a true round face which looks great as seen in the image above. In fact I'd guess that most people wouldn't even realise that you're wearing a smartwatch until you started making use of its functions.

It's set for a Korean only release, hopefully reaching wider markets sooner rather than later.

As it's Android Wear, potential buyers will need an Android Smartphone to make use of one of these beauties. Will definitely be getting my hands on one of these when they reach New Zealand.


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