HTC Re: On Reflection A Smart Move

HTC wants a piece of the GoPro market and with the Re camera they look likely to find a niche in that market, with a product that approaches the question of what a lifelogging camera should be in completely the opposite direction from the market leader.

The Re looks like of those university course design projects, that are usually clever in some ways, yet completely impractical and unsuited to the task at hand. The Re however, unlike the rather ugly and intimidating GoPro, looks friendly and easy to get on with. I suspect it will be very suited to the task it's designed to do.

Pick it up and it turns on. Press a button to take a picture, hold it down to start a video. Pretty straightforward. You can use a smartphone as a viewfinder, but as most smartphones will probably take a better picture on their own that's not going to be a big use case except for some outliers like underwater photography (it's waterproof) or remote control for group shots with you in them.

Judgement on the quality of the shots themselves will have to wait until the device arrives, but I can see this being a surprise hit for HTC - if it's priced well. Who wouldn't want a robust, fun, friendly and easy to use camera that's always ready?

When the Re arrives in New Zealand I'll certainly be looking to try one.


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