F1: Caterham And Marussia To Miss Next Two Races, Three Car Teams On The Cards

Fernando Alonso may yet have a seat at Mercedes next year after all. The Double World Champion has been lusting after a seat with the all-conquering Silver Arrows all season but was frozen out thanks to the solid contracts in place for Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Which face does Fernando have on today?
New developments at the back of the grid mean that the possibility that teams might have to enter three cars in the 2015 Championship. Neither Caterham nor Marussia will be making the trip to the United States, and thanks to the double header nature of the following race in Brazil the following weekend, won't be making that race either.

Given that neither team's financial position looks viable it seems unlikely they'll make it to the season finale either. And next season? Not much chance there either.

As a result the agreement between the teams and rights holder (a certain Mr B. Ecclestone Esq.) will require that the remaining nine teams enter three cars in 2015. A prospect that no doubt has Fernando Alonso either bouncing in his seat with excitement (if he's still a free agent) or crying into his pillow (if he has signed a deal with Mclaren-Honda).

For Sauber this is likely to be the end of the road, leaving a grid of 24 cars, pending the arrival of the Haas F1 Team in 2016 - assuming that the prospect of having beat three car teams from some serious competitors (and the additional cost of a third car) doesn't scare them from the grid.


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