Apple Watch: Tim Cook Sets Battery Expectations

Will this watch need to spend more time
off your wrist than on it?
Tim Cook's appearance at WSJ.D yesterday produced some interesting titbits, none more so than his comment on the Apple Watch battery life: "You're going to wind up charging it daily".

I suspect that the plan is for the Watch to juice up overnight on your bedside table - no doubt with some form of bedside clock screen saver so that you can tell the time without having to touch it. However Apple has recently been guilty of over-promising and under-delivering, especially with battery life, more so with recent releases. As a result I'm not convinced that it can deliver a device that matches the use cases it has suggested and still gets a full day on a charge. Historically, iPhones (barring the 6 Plus) have been unable to go dawn to dusk without juicing up, never mind wake to sleep.

Taking your Watch off to charge it could become part of the afternoon routine for early adopters and that doesn't sound like the sort of watch I'd be happy to use.

Apple has left itself an open-ended window before its watch goes on sale. Hopefully it will use that time to optimise the Watch for battery life.


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