Apple TV, What Happened?

Despite decent sales, Apple continues to
neglect its set top box.
I've long been an advocate of the Apple TV, even with all of its faults and problems. The potential of the platform is far greater than Apple seems to realise. That can be the only explanation for Apple's continued neglect of this landmark product.

Last week Apple once more missed out the Apple TV from its big unveiling, instead focusing on a couple of ho-hum iPad upgrades and a screen bump on an iMac. Disappointing.

And whilst Apple has been contemplating its navel (as far as the Apple TV is concerned) Sony and Google have both shipped products that do what it does much better and add the ability to play games from the Play Store and PS Vita Store respectively.

The Nexus Player looks like the pick of Google's Lollipop announcement, the sleek black player every bit as beautiful as the Apple TV, and having lagged behind in the past with some fairly dubious attempts to gain space in the living room, the Nexus Player looks like a breakthrough product.

Right now, in a complete reversal fortunes, Apple owners will look on jealously as Android customers enjoy the benefits of a home entertainment device that fills all the niches.

Right now Apple has fallen from the top to the bottom of the stack. Google, Microsoft and Sony all have better offerings that Apple if you want to connect your device to your home entertainment system.

And that's without the problems introduced into the equation by the incredible flakiness of iCloud.

It seems unlikely that Apple won't react to the Nexus Player, and a new Apple TV will appear on the horizon. However I remember suggesting that Apple had been left a huge open goal with the Apple TV a couple of years ago.

It's disappointing to find out that they missed it.


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