Apple Might Be A Top Five PC Vendor

For the first time ever reportedly (which is open to some dispute) Apple might be a top five PC manufacturer worldwide. IDC put its sales above Asus for Q3 2014. Gartner, on the other hand disagrees, and put's Asus in that fifth spot. Either way, it's likely that Apple will show a sales gain year on year, as do all of the other five companies detailed in the two reports.

The growth of these six businesses came at the expense of the 'Others' category, which presumably contains the shrinking PC businesses of Sony and Samsung. Overall the market shrunk again, although not as drastically as in previous quarters.

What is more interesting is the heavy reliance of two of the big players on the US market. Apple sold 45% of its Macs in the US. Dell more than 40% of its PCs. As these are number two and three in the US market that's a worryingly heavy concentration of sales in one economy.

With the holiday buying season in the next quarter and the heavy bias towards consumers in Apple's product line, you'd expect Q4 to produce even better results for the Mac.


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