Apple Getting More Like Samsung Every Day

What are the qualities that Samsung has consistently been derided for by Apple fans over the last few years? And how many of them have been adopted by Apple?

Small screen tablets? Check. Large screen phones? Check. Plastic bodied phones? Check. And now a complex range of tablets.

Apple announced the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 today - as they let slip yesterday. Which now gives them a range which extends to six iPad Minis and four iPad Airs (excluding the various storage options).

Of course choice is a good thing - and Samsung's remains significantly wider in terms of both technologies and screen sizes; and price. But Apple's move to broaden it's range is good news, even if its swinging u-turns and slavish copying of rivals smacks of hypocrisy (I'm kidding!!!)

Having seen the launch I'm not convinced that the new iPads make for a compelling upgrade and certainly aren't tempting me to reach for my credit card.


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