Apple Financial Report Likely To Blow Market Away

In a couple of weeks Apple will be reporting its performance for the last quarter to investors - and it should be an interesting call. This time last year Apple sold a mammoth 33m iPhones - on the back of what was a pretty average upgrade to the model range. The new iPhone 6 and Plus are significantly bigger upgrades (sorry!) and are sure to have drawn in a much higher numbers of upgraders.

So how many iPhones might have been sold this quarter?

Last year Apple sold about twice as many iPhones as the same period in 2011, if the same pattern holds true this year then Apple will sell around 54m iPhones. That would fit with sales growth historically.

However, I think that may well be understating Apple's actual performance this time out. In July Comscore reported that there were more than 40m iPhone users in the US alone, I'd guess that half of those users have already grabbed themselves a new iPhone.

We also know that in the EMEA region Apple sold 30m handsets in Q2 - that's 30m of the older model range, so the least we can expect are similar sales this quarter, more likely a big improvement.

So you see, without considering anywhere but the US and Europe we've already reached a figure close to that 54m mark.

Based on the rumours that Apple ordered 80m iPhones in its first manufacturing batch I'm going to guess that it managed to ship almost all of them in the time before the end of September. If iPhone sales are anywhere south of 60m I'll be very surprised. If they are north of 70m much less so.


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