Too Many Androids Have Heat Issues

Flagship Android phone are great. The latest screens, the latest processors and the newest technologies make for a real whizz bang experience.

But too many OEMs seem to forget that all of this speed comes at the expense of heat and don't take enough care in managing how that great is dissipated.

Recently I spent since time with the LG G3 and after around an hour of use it was warm to the touch. It reminded me of my HTC One X - an epic phone totally spoiled by the crazy temperatures it reached when used for any length of time.

There are more examples - trying to record 4k video on an Xperia Z2 will result in a thermal shutdown after just a few minutes. Android 4.4.4 has caused my Z1 to run uncomfortably hot all the time and I've had complaints from users of the HTC One M8 that it too is afflicted.

In my experience only the Galaxy S5 is unaffected.

Mid tier phones, that pack lesser processors and screens don't seem to be affected at all. The performance is not markedly different either, at least in the real world and outside of benchmark software.

That's a poor effort and compares badly to the Apple and Nokia phones which never suffer from these problems when running normally.

The latest and greatest technology is no good to you if the phone they're packed into is unusable because of the temperatures they reach.

A little more thought needs to go into the design of these handsets to improve their thermal efficiency.


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