The Guardian Has Hidden Stephen Fry's iPhone Review

Less than forty-eight hours after being front page news on the Guardian website Stephen Fry's review of the iPhone is nowhere to be seen. In fact unless you search for it by name you won't find it anywhere, even on the technology section.

Why could this be? After all the iPhone 6 is the big tech news of the moment, and a scoop review from Britain's favourite luvvy seems like the sort of thing that should be prominent in the newspaper's iPhone coverage.

Is it because, perhaps, the review is so utterly woeful that it has generated a wide-ranging backlash, hitherto unseen even for an Apple product.

Stephen Fry loves his technology, that much is clear and I, for one, am glad that he's loving his new iPhone. After all, without this end-user delight what would be the point of all these new devices? However in translating this delight to the written word Fry has managed to produce an article which is basically a barrow-load of cobblers. Fine, he is after all a thespian not a technology writer. However somebody at the Guardian should have looked at this article and decided that it wasn't really fit for publication.

Other's have punctured the nonsense much better than I could - Gizmodo's take is here and The Register's rib-tickling parody here - but in reviewing the review I see that the first five paragraphs have nothing to do with the product but everything to do with ad hominem attacks on Android users, the sixth is factually incorrect, the seventh an exercise in name dropping and the seventh and eight highlight areas where Apple has badly lagged behind both Android and Windows Phone and is only now playing catch-up.

Had the article been restricted to it's ninth and final paragraph only it would have been infinitely better.


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