So Apple Gave You A Free U2 Album, Get Over It

Who would have thought that this would be the
least awkward point in the U2 / Apple tie-in?
About the least important announcements of Apple's iPhone/Watch launch event last week, were that U2 had a new album and that Apple were going to gift every iTunes customer a copy. Later in the week the album started appearing in people's iTunes libraries, resulting in a fairly loud and negative response against both Apple and U2.

You'd think that Apple had distributed Satanic messages rather than the music of a popular, if wildly average rock band.

Even the BBC was publishing articles on how to remove the album from your iTunes library by the weekend, so it's probably fair to say the backlash was significant. Just not comprehensible.

I mean, exactly how difficult is it to select the album and delete it from your library, if it offends you to that degree? Not difficult, or indeed time consuming.

So why the backlash? I'm guessing the rumours that Apple paid U2 $100m for the privilege of distributing the album haven't helped. After all, the band are hardly impoverished and the scale of their wealth rather jibes with the message of charity that they send to the world. Perhaps it's a backlash against Bono and his political posturing?

Either way it makes no sense. I wonder what these people's reactions are when handed a flyer in the street, or a free sample of something gets put through their letterbox? Loosen up, breathe deeply and get on with your lives.


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