Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Brilliant, Bizarre, Or Maybe Both

That strip of curved display can be used for icons, notifications and specially
written applications, but is it anything more than a gimmick?
Along with the announcement of the Note 4, Samsung's real flagship device, the Korean company gave first sight of its curved screen technology in a real product by announcing the Galaxy Note Edge.

Spec for spec this is a Note 4 in all but one key feature, rather than stopping when it reaches the right hand side of the phone the Note Edge's screen curves around to form the side of the phone as well. This curved screen is then treated as an autonomous display for Samsung's TouchWiz interface, allowing it to be used for notifications, scrolling tickers, as a clock or even to run dedicated applications.

It's sounds of dubious merit, until you see it in action and then it looks great. Especially if developers get behind the idea and start pushing out applications dedicated to used that small strip of screen space.

Realistically though, as a way of showing off an extremely curved AMOLED screen it's a brilliant technology demonstration that doesn't really add anything to the Android experience. Given the quad-HD nature of the screen on the Note 4 the same functionality could have been quite easily provided by dedicating a thin strip of pixels down the side of the right hand side of the flat panel. Perhaps the curve will make swiping between the panels for the rounded portion of the display easier, but in all the demo videos I've seen so far users swiping from left to right have triggered the main screen panel change at least once.

I think the jury will stay out on the Note Edge until such time as we see more applications that can support the display - and at least one that makes a case for such a technical leap.

Until then, nice use of technology Samsung, but you've not yet made a case for it.


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