Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Teaser Suggests Smarter S-pen

The latest in a lengthy line of trails for the Galaxy Note 4 suggests that the main focus of the new handset will be further improved S-pen functionality. Given that the Note 3 already manages to make excellent use of the stylus by integrating it into several key phone features I'm not sure whether this denotes better functionality or better accuracy. Being Samsung, I'm guessing the former.

The Note is a unique proposition in the mobile phone space - whilst others have copied it's phablet sizing and big screen capability, no-one has come with an answer to the S-pen and how it changes the utility of the phone for those who... note.

Other clues in the video suggest an improved camera and a degree of environmental protection - there are several references to water and one partially submerged picture, presumably made possible by the inclusion of a hardware camera control.

Samsung's Unpacked event kicks off at IFA in Berlin on Wednesday, one of the first big launches of the week.


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