Motorola Makes Power Packs Clever

Having scored pretty highly with the new Moto X and Hint (and not doing so bad with the new Moto G either if it comes down to it) Motorola also announced its Power Pack Micro - a portable battery for recharging your phone which steps things up.

The Power Pack Micro is designed to always live on your keyring so it's always handy when you need to re-charge your phone - which means it's small with less charge capacity than other battery packs - 1500mAh. However for it's stated aim, a quick charge when your phone's battery is running low that's more than enough. It's certainly small enough to live on your keys and as Motorola's into heavy customisation these days, you can choose the colour and finish of the Power Pack to best suit your personality.

The clever doesn't finish there though, because the Power Pack also packs Bluetooth and can be used as a key locator from your phone or a phone locator from your keys.

The (not entirely pleasing to watch) video below shows off some of the features. At a price of just $39.99US it seems like an easy decision to pick up one of these.


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